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- How much sleep do we need?

Posted on May 24 2018

That’s easy, 8 hours. Everyone knows that… right? Well, yes and no...

Though ‘8hrs’ seems to be the popular figure, research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation’s panel of experts resulted in some comprehensive data.

The study highlighted that sleep requirements vary not only across age brackets, but are also impacted by lifestyle and health, and thus “how much sleep you need is really up to your own body.”

Having said that, the study did suggest the following sleep recommendations, with the full research paper published in Sleep Health.



The National Sleep Foundation study also emphasizes how stimulants like caffeine, energy drinks, alarm clocks, and external lights (including those from electronic devices) can interfere with our natural sleep cycle.

Furthermore, the study acknowledges that some people might sleep longer or shorter than the recommended times without negative effects. However, individuals with sleep durations far outside the normal range may be engaged in a dangerously unhealthy routine, or have serious health problems already.

Ultimately, when evaluating how much sleep you need, it is important to consider the ‘big picture’ – taking onboard professional recommendations, but also examining any lifestyle factors that may impact the quality and quantity of your sleep, such as diet, schedule, routine and stress.

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